Cloud Migration: Why should I move to the cloud?

To future-proof and modernise your organisation it is important to embrace new ways of working, improve collaboration and innovate, including considering cloud migration. By migrating systems to the Microsoft Cloud it is possible to better manage IT costs and remain agile. This allows you achieve peace of mind knowing your business is secure, whilst addressing the challenge of sustainability.

Cloud computing has been a true revolution in IT. When you consider the benefits it can bring, it’s not surprising that so many businesses have been eager to make the switch. However, if you are still investigating the process and benefits please read on.

Control costs and only pay for what you need

Cloud infrastructure, software and services take away the traditionally high operating costs of IT and allows you to redeploy your IT team (if you have a team in-house) on more valuable digital developments’ initiatives. You can choose the applications, services and features you need and only pay for them.

Be flexible

When you need to increase server capacity, add users, or manage an increase in demand, you can instantly to this in the cloud. You don’t have a long-term commitment to infrastructure costs, which is inevitable with on-premises facilities. Instead, you can be flexible with capacity and services to fit your current business needs.

The biggest cloud computing services, like Microsoft Azure, use a global network of secure data centres, with the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware, making sure there’s always enough power, storage and bandwidth for everyone who needs it.

Always stay up to date

Working with Microsoft Cloud means you always have access to the latest versions of the software, apps and tools you use every day, with automatic updates and no downtime. Your teams can access and make use of faster and more effective productivity features and functions as soon as they are available.

Leading and reliable security

Microsoft Cloud data centres are monitored 24/7 by cybersecurity experts and innovative systems, meaning your data and transactions are safeguarded by industry-leading protocols and software. Protection is applied automatically and continually updated to stay ahead of threats.

Recovery and back-up servers are instantly available and provide extra peace of mind for data security. Using automated processes, the cloud monitors and continually optimises its server speed and performance.

Access your work from anywhere

Cloud software, services and infrastructure are accessible from any device. With hybrid working set to stay, cloud computing brings secure, anytime access to mobile or desktop devices so employees can use any combination of locations and technology that suits their workstyle.

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