Tate Security

Codus IT carried out a server migration for one of our clients Tate Security

What is Server Migration?

This is when all the data and information from one server is transferred onto another. In this instance, Tate’s server was at the end of its usable life, they required something newer with more disk space. However, a server migration may be carried out for a number of reasons, such as security or equipment becoming outdated.
The most important part of a migration is planning. Planning and preparation will ensure a seamless transfer and minimum disruption.
First, backups should be up to date and free from corruption. A secure backup is the biggest failsafe in the event that something should not go to plan.
Second, a time and date is agreed upon with the client. Codus IT usually carry out server migration over a weekend. This enables the process to be completed whilst most businesses are closed, meaning the least downtime for clients.
We will check all of the information is complete once all the data has been transferred and make sure none of it is corrupted. We then do further tests to make sure all the security is in place and that the services which ran on the old server now run on the new one. The new server is ready to go when we have carried out these final inspections.
Thanks to the planning by Codus IT, we were able to start the server migration on the Friday night and have everyone working as normal on Monday morning.
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