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Migrating emails to the Office 365 Platform.

Codus have successfully migrated Crompton Halliwell Solicitors current email systems to the Office 365 platform, providing a more robust and effective email system.

Crompton Halliwell Solicitors is a full-service solicitors practice with roots in Bury stemming back more than 120 years. They provide strong, sensitive legal support to clients throughout the North West area, so excellent IT Support is imperative to keeping things running smoothly.

To give you a bit more idea of the benefits of switching emails to the Office 365 platform, here are some simple points to guide you…
• Office 365 features a high level business functionality at a minimal price.
• Efficient – Software updates and upgrades are all included in the cost.
• User-friendly, accessible and multifunctional.
• Office 365’s cloud-based software allows you to access work files and documents anywhere you can get a web connection, so you can be productive even in your lunch hour.

If you have any questions please contact us. We’d be happy to go through things with you.

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