What’s new in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 allows you to be productive from anywhere, at any time. Recently, Microsoft have introduced additional collaborative apps, a new Q&A app for Microsoft Teams, a new Communities app, and much more. We have summarised all the latest feature in this blog.

microsoft 365

Take notes and edit records right within Teams

Confluence Cloud by Atlassian was introduced to Teams, designed to enable more effective meetings where users can take notes with a Confluence notes panel inside a Teams meeting. This allows users to format notes such as action items, decisions, mentions, and tables. These notes are then formatted and automatically shared in a Teams channel.

Salesforce for Teams

Sales and service teams using Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud can now bring account data and records into their Teams workspace. Users can now pin Salesforce records to channels, chats, and calendar meetings to easily keep access to them.

Virtual health workflows for frontline healthcare workers

To help healthcare workers schedule and manage virtual appointments, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Bookings with Microsoft Teams in all Microsoft 365 for frontline workers product licenses. This provides a low-cost licensing option for healthcare providers that are interested in using Teams to support virtual health and care team collaboration.

Q&As for Teams meeting

A new Q&A app has been introduced that enables attendees to ask and reply to questions before and during a meeting. Organisers and presenters can mark best answers, filter responses, moderate and dismiss questions, and pin posts. The Q&A app will be generally available in September.

Communities app in Teams and Outlook for web

The Communities app for Microsoft Teams is powered by Yammer, into Microsoft Teams. In the coming weeks, Microsoft are updating the app’s design, bringing enhancements to notifications and adding new capabilities like suggested communities, which will use AI to recommend valuable communities to join.

Microsoft wants you to take breaks

Research has shown that small breaks throughout the day make a big difference in employee wellbeing. Because of this, Microsoft are introducing new features in Outlook and Yammer to help ensure you can plan breaks as needed throughout your working day.

Pin messages at the top of your inbox

For a busy inbox, finding a specific email can be tedious and disruptive to your workflow. Microsoft have added the ability to pin a message, moving it to the top of your inbox so it’s easy to find later. Pinned messages is now generally available to all users in Outlook for the web, Mac, and mobile.

Additionally, message reminders in Outlook on the web help you stay on top of things by bringing messages you might have missed to the top of your inbox.

Microsoft wants you to be productive

Planner now supports suggested attachments in tasks. This means that, when you want to add attachments to a task, Planner will show you a list of related files for you to select from. To experience the new capability, within a task in Planner for the web, scroll down to the bottom of the task to find the Suggested attachments section and select Add next to the file you’d like to attach.

Create shapes in your diagrams in Visio for the web

Microsoft have added Draw Shape tool, enabling you to draw shapes, including rectangles, squares, lines, circles, and ellipses, at the size and location you prefer. To create a shape in your diagram from the Insert tab, select the Draw Shape drop-down, select the shape you want, click anywhere in the canvas, and then drag to draw the shape.

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